The “White Certificates" (or EEC - Energy Efficiency Certificates) are a type of incentive provided by the State to those who undertake actions aimed at reducing energy consumption. It is a form of incentive alternative to the IRPEF tax deductions of 65%, mainly for the domestic industry.

The White Certificates are meant for all those sectors in which it is possible to realize energy saving measures: from residential to industrial, from service sector to utilities. It happens very often that patients in these sectors achieve energy relevant interventions and wasting the opportunity to access the incentives simply because they ignore the White Certificates System: it is important to know that while the deductions of 65% are awarded only thanks to redevelopment, White Certificates can be delivered even in new construction.

The White Certificates are issued in the form of marketable securities on an energy market specifically created and managed by GME (the Energy Markets Operator). The market is based on the trading of securities that take place between "obligated parties" and "volunteers." National legislation identifies the "obligated parties" in the distributors of electricity and natural gas that are required each year to achieve certain savings targets for primary energy: these subjects can fulfill their obligation by acquiring on the Securities Market of the Energy Efficiency White certificates issued by other entities.

The system recognizes 1 White certificate for each TOE of energy saved (for fossil fuels 1TOE = 104 kWh): the average value that is exchanged 1 TEE on the market is about 100 euro. The mechanism foresees that the White Certificates are granted for a period of 5 years, corresponding to the time frame in which the intervention generates useful energy savings.

Access to Energy Efficiency Certificates Market is reserved for qualified operators, pursuant to Legislative Decree no. 102/2014 from 07.19.2016 are only allowed entities possessing the UNI CEI 11352. These skilled workers are concerned to obtain the recognition, in the form of EEC, of the savings generated by the interventions made by the customer, and to exchange securities on the energy exchange. The recognition of the EEC takes place following a preliminary investigation procedure managed by GSE (Energy Services) also for the exclusive access of qualified operators in analogy with the provisions of the energy market.



As an ESCo, certificate No. 43/16 / ESCO issued by RINA Services Spa, Eco Hub is enabled partner at the Energy Services Operator (GSE) to obtain  Energy Efficiency Titles and enjoys the status of operator at the Energy Market (GME)

Eco Hub analyzes the proposed intervention by the customer in order to check in advance the feasibility of obtaining TEE: if so it is responsible for all technical activities necessary for the TEE request and to their liquidation .

Eco Hub will receive the reward of these benefits only at the time of the TEE liquidation as part of the amount evaluated on the certificates market.

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