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"S.P.E. - Studio Proetto Energa - Climate Division " is a professional firm that has always had, since its foundation, which dates back to 1988, the primary objective of focusing his professional career in the mechanical equipment sector.

Owners and managers of the structure are the engineers Piero Neira and Bruno Sicca.

The commitment had in those years made possible to cover at 360 degrees the field of systems in all its part (heating, air-conditioning, technological, electrical and process systems) and in the various areas (civil, industrial, commercial, public, etc. ).

Since 1998 S.P.E.  is a consultant in the preparation of tenders and project financing for the construction of plants in the public interest, for the technological upgrading and legislation, management and maintenance of mechanical and electrical systems.

It has gained considerable experience in the field, which results in the ability to support major investors in all technical and financial aspects.

In recent years, particularly with the enactment of the most recent regulations on the reduction of energy consumption, "SPE – Divisione Clima" has focused part of its resources in the study of plants with high efficiency, becoming an active part in study groups established specifically for this purpose.

In this context, it has designed and built systems based on the use of alternative energy sources, particularly solar and geothermal energy.

More recently, in early 2010, he has focused a part of its resources on photovoltaic systems and in Energy Efficiency Certificates (TEE).

In addition to important designs for its customers, S.P.E. has made a 832 kWp photovoltaic field on the ground in the municipality of Volpiano (To) and a 972 kWp roof plant in the municipality of Burolo (TO).

From 2013, through its Energy Service Company ECO HUB srl., has developed an intense consulting and technical assistance, administrative, management and organization in the energy and environmental fields in order to obtain, in own and for third account, of marketable securities on energy markets (so-called white certificates, green certificates, etc.).

In December 2002 "S.P.E. - Divisione Clima " acquired the Quality Certification UNI EN ISO 9001, of which provides, on request, its manual.

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