The Team

The Team

Human resource is certainly the main asset of "S.P.E. - Climate Division," which among other things constitutes the main indicator of development.

Currently internal staff consists of:

  • 5 Registered Engineers Designers
  • 3 senior designer responsible for the Technical Area
  • 4 senior Collaborators for design and pre-design
  • 1 Lady at Secretariat and Administration.

The interior organization includes:

Since all staff contributes to the quality of the product and the service provided to its customers, S.P.E. It emphasizes how the training is not an end, but the means to ensure the competence and awareness of staff.

The need for training and / or training are planned by the Management and carried out according to new regulations, new products on the market, the changes made to processes, products, equipment, etc.The training is delivered in the form of:

  • Training activities planned and implemented within the structure
  • Training activities implemented  through external training courses
  • Training on the job

All designs are performed with the aid of personal computers connected to each other through an internal data communication network constituted by a total of thirteen stations supported by three printers and two plotters.

On each station operates a coded operator with an input password to the intranet and its own mail box for external connections via the web.

All drawings are prepared with Autocad program and for project phases using specific application S / W programs.

A further allocation of equipment such as scanners, copiers, plotters, infrared camera, multifunction instruments, anemometers, thermometers, hygrometers, etc.. enables the firm to be independent at all stages of planning and carrying out the works without the need for external structures.

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